Car-boy is the warmhearted communication company to be developing, producing, and selling a variety of safety supplies not only for a wide range of people from baby to elderly but also for every single enterprise.

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    Industrial Safety Material INDEX

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What's New?

Info2018/05/31The website has been renewed.

We renewed our own website as a hotline connecting our company and our customers. We would appreciate it if you could refer to product information and use it as a contact point for various inquiries.

Noteworthy Product Lineup

  • Craft House

    Craft House

  • Corner Guard Cushion Edge Type

    Corner Guard Cushion Edge Type

  • Baby Chair Ball & Cover

    Baby Chair Ball & Cover

  • Corner Guard Cushion

    Corner Guard Cushion

  • PU Corner Guard

    PU Corner Guard

  • PE Foam House

    PE Foam House

  • Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Anti-Fatigue Mat