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Here we are introducing our business description.

Project, Design, and Sales of Products

Department of project team, design-making team, and sales team are all integrated at our Chiba sales office.

In order for us to continue to constantly provide new innovative product that can meet and satisfy need and demand of customer, we are collecting new product’s idea, conducting business planning, and finally determining productization after sample making. This process is implemented under our project meeting fully discussed by our sales and business plan/design department.

Sales people help for client’s commodity sales, also help to set up the selling place at one particular event for wholesaler and mass retailer as one of their work activities. Through guiding you to our display room and asking directly about your opinion or demand for new idea which is relevant to our product, we are trying our best to be able to provide good quality product in which customer can be satisfied with.


Quality Control

Well-experienced worker conducts product inspection and packaging work in the logistic center.
Packaged products are perfectly stored and controlled in accordance with production lot system at our automatic warehouse.


Shipment and Logistics

We are managing product stock and shipment in the logistic center office.
We are delivering an important product toward wholesalers and mass retailers with our own either 4 ton or 2 ton truck. Exclusive shipping company also implements delivery to one particular domestic area.